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CCCA is the voice of the structured cabling industry. Leading manufacturers of cable and connectivity products, distributors, and material suppliers have joined together in CCCA to inform, educate and provide thought leadership on vital issues and topics. 

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Watch presentation and videos from BICSI General Session - February 6, 2018.


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How to Specify Safe, Performing Patch Cords
For anyone who purchases patch cords, here’s a quick reference of what to put in your procurement contract! When specifying this UL 3992 verification program from your Supplier, you can be assured of the performance of your patch cords!
What to Specify

BurningCable_crop.jpgCable Fire Test Video
CCCA conducted fire tests at Underwriters Laboratories (UL), comparing counterfeit communications cable to compliant cable. Watch the dramatic results! 
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2 Simple Ways to Comply with 2017 NEC


As the number of applications utilizing Power over Ethernet (PoE) technologies continues to grow, 4-pair cables are increasingly being used to transmit both data and power, adding new dimensions to cabling performance and safety requirements.
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2017 NFPA Codes & Standards - News Flash
The National Fire Protection Association has published the 2017 National Electrical Code® (NEC®), along with NFPA 75, Standard for the Fire Protection of Information Technology Equipment. CCCA has summarized several changes that are important to the communications cable industry.
2017 NFPA NEC 75 CCCA Summary

TIA Announces Sustainability Standard for In-building Technology Sytems.
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International Effort to Stop Counterfeit and Non-compliant Cables


CCCA research and activities were presented to the European Union (EU), world law enforcement and customs officials – Europol, Interpol and World Customs Organization.

Europol Conference Press Release

Buyer Beware! Verify, BEFORE you buy!
UL warns of potentially hazardous communications cable
(Release 17PN-13)
UL Public Notice

UL warns of potentially hazardous communications cables (Releases 15PN-01, 15PN-03 and 15PN-04)
UL Public Notice 

UL warns of potentially hazardous communications cable (Release 14PN-08)
UL Public Notice

Hot Topics

Actual Case Encounter with Counterfeit Cable Certification
CCCA is raising the alarm again and cautioning by citing real-life failures with copper clad aluminum (CCA) communication cables offered by low cost, online suppliers.
Press Release 

The Dangers of Cutting Corners
Inside Networks  features expert commentary on copper clad aluminum issues.
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Wire & Cable Technology International  publishes "Potential Liability for Contractors Installing or Manufacturers Marketing Falsely Labeled Copper Clad Aluminum" white paper.
White Paper Article PDF

Cabling the Data Center - Follow the evolving discussion on evaluating structured cabling (SCS) and Top of Rack configurations.
Written to aid end-users, design professionals, and contractors.
White Paper
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SCS vs. Top of Rack - Mission Critical Article
In fat-tree switch fabric architecture - CI&M Article

Non-Compliant & Counterfeit Cable: A Risk Too Real to Ignore

BICSI’s ICT Today  discusses how staying informed and maintaining a degree of due diligence can make or break your reputation in this industry. Includes case studies of real encounters with counterfeit cable.
Non-Compliant Cable Article in ICT Today

Risk, Responsibility and Reputation: What You Need to Know about Non-Compliant Cable

CABA’s iHome and Buildings addresses the safety, performance and liability risks associated with compliance.

CABA article_Non-Compliant Cable